How to Order

Step by Step

Please read the information below carefully. It will help you how to take order with us.

Step 1
Customer send inquiry to We will sent you our price list. And write down the details of order that you want : our code item, quantity, and size.

Step 2
Our marketing staff will check and send the “performa invoice” for customer approval. Documents will contain fish cost, freight cost, and packaging cost.

Step 3
After customer approve for all of documents. Transfer Payment by T/T to our bank account.

Step 4
After we receive the payment, we will start prepare the document for shipment, we also book space for the date that you want us to ship it, and quarantine fish.

Step 5
We pack the fish with our technologies and the fish will be ready to go.

Step 6
Customer send us report of the fish that arrive. We will wait for customer report 1x24hours for the claim of the death fish. if customer report after 1x24hour customer cant claim the death fish.

Terms and condition :

All price in US Dollar F.O.B. its excluding the packing cost, freight cost, and export documentation cost.

Advance by telegraphic transfer, payment must be full payment to cover packing cost, freight cost, cost of good, and export documentation cost.

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement is 6 box of fish.

Buyer must be specify for document that need to be provide so we can avoid the delay of the shipment. Certificate of origin, health certificate, airwaybill, etc will be provide and the documentation charge will be include in invoice.

Packing charge is @7-@8usd/box with standard size of carton boxes ( 75x35x40cm ). Styrofoam with double plastic bags polyethylene ( PE ).

In our normal flight the percentage of dead is so minimum if the percentage loss less then 3% so its must be accepted by the buyer. Any loss that beyond our power must be shared between the buyer and us of each a half 50%. Any shipment that arrive must be informed to us if no information from buyer to us less than 24 hours so we consider that the fish already arrive safely and cant claim the loss fish.