Why Choose Capital Indo Aquatic ?

Wide Variety and Large Stocks

We have many variety of fish especially we have many good arowana and rare fish. We got support by many breeder in Indonesia and we will always pick the best fish so we can guarantee you that we only sent the best fish that we got.

Using The New Technology of Packing Process

We have a trained worker so they will pack the fish in a good way. Not only we trained the worker, we also use technology in packing process that can make fish to keep alive in a long shipment 2-3days. So we can guarantee you that DOA is in a lowest percentage. We also use technology for the water, that make the water is very clean and make fish is carried in good condition.

Reasonable Freight Cost

For the shipment we only use a professional airline in reasonable freight cost. We also cooperating with our agent so we will find the best with the lowest freight cost for our customer.

Competitive Price

We will offer you with the best and competitive price with the best quality of fish and you can compared it to all of competitors in marketplace.